Permabond, a leading manufacturer of engineering adhesives, supplies high-quality industrial adhesives to customers in virtually every industry worldwide.

One-part adhesives that cure by reacting with minute traces of moisture on the surface of the material being bonded.

Formulated to bondporous and non-porous surfaces, and flexible or rigid surfaces made from a wide range of plastics, rubbers and metals.

   - One-part adhesive chemistry speeds preparation and application.
   - Join dissimilar materials, such as rubber to metal, with no compromise in bond strength.
   - Cures in seconds at room temperature; eliminates need for costly jigs or ovens;
     accelerates assembly rates.
   - Gap fill up to 0.5mm.
   - Solvent free; non flammable.
   - Superior bond strength; often exceeds that of substrate material.
   - Low odour non-blooming products available
   - High-temperature resistance (up to 250°C).

Typical applications include:
   - Electronics wire tacking
   - Bonding blue-tooth headsets
   - Hose clips onto automotive tubes
   - Bonding automotive interior trim
   - Tacking parts during assembly process (temporarily)
   - Joining silicone O-rings
   - Disposable medical device bonding
   - Bonding mobile phone casing, antennae and keypads
   - Sealing batteries
   - Glazing applications
   - Sealing transformer laminates

Designed to cure when air is absent and metal surfaces (both ferrous and non-ferrous) are present.

Product category:
   - Retaining Compounds - for the permanent bonding of co-axial joints
   - Threadlocking - to lock screws, nuts, bolts and studs to protect against loosening caused by vibration
   - Pipe Sealing - designed to replace traditional sealing material such as hemp, PTFE tape,
     Boss White® and Boss Green® (for potable water).
   - Gasketing - designed to replace traditional cork, wood, tubber, paper and silicone gaskets

Ideal for structural bonding of metals, composites, plastics, glass, wood and other materials.
Offer excellent durability and resist tensile, peel, cleavage and impact forces.
Resist the stresses of differential thermal expansion when bonding dissimilar materials.
Formulated with chemical resistance in mind, so are suitable for applications that involve exposure to oils, greases, moisture and weathering.

- Room temperature cure - eliminates ovens and other equipment.
- Rapid cure - increases daily output to reduce production costs.
- Non-flammable and solvent-free formulations available - provides a safe and comfortable work environment.
- Versatile - suitable for bonding a wide variety of substrates to increase design freedom.
- Technical support - application specialists available for assistance with joint design, adhesive selection and production process.

Form excellent structural bonds to a wide variety of materials including metals, composites, wood and some plastics.

Excellent chemical and water resistance

2-Part Epoxies Benefits:
   - High peel strength increases design versatility.
   - Easy mix ratio of most Permabond 2 - component epoxies reduces equipment costs.
   - Durability increases material choices.
   - Rapid cure increases production rates.
   - Room temperature cure reduces equipment & energy costs.
   - Solvent free formulation improves workplace safety.
   - Low odour improves workplace environment.

Single-Part Epoxies Benefits: 
   - High peel strength increases design versatility
   - No requirement for weighing or mixing material
   - Durability increases material choices
   - Rapid full cure increases production rates
   - Solvent free improves workplace safety
   - Low odour improves workplace environment
   - Excellent high temperature resistance and can withstand harsh environmental conditions
   - An effective alternative to welding or brazing

Single part, cure on demand adhesives suitable for bonding a wide variety of substrates. 
Upon exposure to UV light, Permabond UV curables will cure to a high strength in a matter of seconds.

Typical applications include:
   - Bonding glass furniture
   - Glass to metal structural bonding
   - Acrylic display racks
   - Lenses
   - Solar panels
   - Trophies and glass ornaments
2-Part Polyurethanes
Cyanoactylate solvents

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