Since 1966, Epoxy Technology Inc. (EPO-TEK ® ) has manufactured high quality specialty adhesives for advanced industries worldwide. All Epoxy Technology products are tested thoroughly and consistently in our state-of-the-art laboratories to ensure product reliability. Epoxy Technology is very proud of its recognized quality program, including comprehensive ISO 9001 and MIL-STD 883/5011 certifications as well as RoHS Compliance and Green Partnerships. As leaders in the industry, superior product quality, exceptional customer service and unsurpassed technical assistance are the foundation of our business.

Epoxy / UV Hybrids are novel materials that combine the robustness of an epoxy with the speed of a UV tack.
UV tack in seconds for alignment, positioning, handling & flow control, followed by a heat cure.
Ideal for alignment in precision optics
Benefits of a UV Hybrid:
   - Overall process improvement
   - Lower stress and less shrinkage
   - Increased thru-put on expensive alignment machines
   - Easier handling
   - Tack free in seconds
   - 85oC/85%RH resistance, comparable to 353ND

Unique UV formulations provide superior performance with short cure times for a wide variety of applications
Epoxy-Based Systems
Acrylate-Based Systems

EPO-TEK® thermally conductive, electrically insulating epoxies (TCA) are widely used in many high-tech electronic applications for superior performance & thermal management.

Properties range from rigid (providing thermally enhanced circuit protection) to flexible (ideal for CTE mismatches).
Epoxy Technology offers a full range of electrically and thermally conductive epoxy adhesives (ECA)
   - Room temperature curing
   - Highest thermal conductivity/Low volume resistivity
   - Low stress/Flex
   - "Industry Standard" ECA products

Frequently used to bundle optical fibers and bond components in optoelectronic devices

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