In June 2016, Dow and Dow Corning came together, combining complementary silicone and organic solutions to your growth challenges, with a new brand DowSil.

Silicone based materials for wire bond, OPTO-MEMS-SENSORS, Discrete Diode packaging applications
   - Die attached adhesives
   - Die Coatings
   - Die encapsulants
Silicone-Based materials for FLIP CHIP packaging applications
   - Thermal Interface Materials (TIM1)
   - Lid Seal adhesives
1 or 2 Part heat cure
1 part moisture cure
2 part room temperature condensation cure
One-part moisture-cure solutions:  encompass room-temperature vulcanized (RTV) elastomeric or elastoplastic coatings.
- RTV elastomer coatings protect delicate electronic architectures from environmental contamination and mechanical stress. Higher viscosity grades are suitable for pin/solder joint coverage and thin-section encapsulation.

- RTV elastoplastic coatings deliver tough, resilient, abrasion and moisture resistance against various forms of contamination, and many carry recognition from Underwriter Laboratories , Mil Spec and IPC-CC-830. They are appropriate for rigid and flexible PCBs, ceramic and hybrid circuits and other components.
Heat-cure conformal coatings: cure in minutes to yield a transparent, flexible elastomeric film suitable for low-stress protection of PCBs with delicate, finer architectures. They are compatible with industry standard high-speed production of rigid and flexible PCBs.
Encapsulants: Flexible yet resilient silicone encapsulants cure with minimal shrinkage and involve no solvents or cure by-products, helping to maximize processing efficiency and minimize costs. After cure, they form strong but low-stress environmental seals that can be reworked and repaired easily. Specialty grades deliver excellent optical clarity, thermal conductivity, flame retardance or reliable performance from –45°C to 200°C.
Gels: The supremely low modulus of silicone gels combines the stress relief and self–healing qualities of a liquid with the dimensional stability of an elastomer,  often applied in thick layers to totally encapsulate large components. They deliver excellent protection against damaging moisture and thermal and mechanical stress. Gel products including: 
   - Low/high temperature stability materials
   - Solvent-resistant materials
   - Tough gels
   - Flame-resistant gels 
Electronics applications where Dow Corning® encapsulants and gels commonly help to enhance reliability include:
   - Flexible and rigid printed circuit boards
   - Electronic printed wiring boards
   - Power modules
   - LED lighting and displays
   - High-voltage electrical components
   - Industrial equipment
   - Automotive and transportation electronics
Rinsing parts after cleaning with stronger cleaning agents; dry to leave no residues or spots
Aerosols for cleaning industrial optics and spectacle lenses
Impregnating “wipes” for cleaning applications where more aggressive solvents cannot be used
Replacing organic fluids as carriers in some industrial processes
Alternatives to hydrocarbon solvents in consumer product formulations
Solvents or carriers for silicone oils or greases
Cleaning contaminated surfaces prior to painting or bonding 

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